26 April 2020 – 31 December 2020 all-day

There will come a time after corona, and then the climate must become top priority again! The Cirkus in Beweging team wants to contribute to this.

The registrations for our weekly classes 2020-2021 started on Sunday 26/04.
You will see that with every lesson the (entirely without obligation) option state “AND, I would like 1 donate euros to plant a tree!”
Due to the corona situation it was not yet possible to communicate about this, but below you can read more about the underlying idea.

Leuven Boomt!  an initiative of Cirkus in Beweging

Concept: the Leuven leisure sector collects money with which trees are planted indoors- and abroad.

How? By offering members at the annual registrations to give one euro more without obligation, which is transferred to BOS + Flanders. This organization will use half of the proceeds for planting trees in Flanders, and the other half for planting trees abroad. Bos + Vlaanderen was also our charity during the actions of the Warmest Week 2019.

Why? Because various scientific studies show that the most efficient way to combat global warming is still to plant more trees. Due to the many recent fires, this is more than ever necessary and current.

Who exactly? Next school year we will launch the initiative at Cirkus in Beweging, but afterwards we also hope youth movements, sports clubs, dance centers, involving hobby clubs for retirees or other target groups, and this through the amateur arts council of Leuven, culture council, sports council etc.