Cirkus in Beweging would like to say thank you!

Anyone who takes care of others, anyone who has been ready in recent weeks to help others make and keep life a little more bearable. That is why we are on the road with the performance "THANKSANDTAKECARE".

Our youth production group ‘Carrousel’ (15 until 19 year olds) creates a circus street performance this summer led by Giel Meneve & Renee Davidson.

By 3 until 10 August 2020 this performance travels through Flanders, by bike, to healthcare institutions, hospitals, on the street,… to play and thank people for their work.

9 young people driven by one passion: circus. Every week they come together in a place where they can be themselves, where they can share a passion together. But suddenly something comes up. Something invisible confuses all their habits It imposes rules on them that they were never confronted with before. How do they solve this each in their own way? How do they find ways to play circus together, taking into account all the rules imposed on them but still unconditionally remaining themselves.

Practical information:

30 minutes.

For young and old.

No special technical requirements.
Lockable dressing room with running water and mirror.

Promotional photographs:
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Info: artists[at]
Booking: online applications