In the past, some of our social circus projects made possible by Demos. This organization serves as a knowledge centre, active in the Flemish Participation Decree. They put in on renewing and deepening the participation of disadvantaged groups in culture, Youth and sport. To do this, they depart from the world perspectives of disadvantaged groups and a commitment to a more open, inclusive and democratic society. With this mission, they the same after what we envision. Also you can with your questions about these themes go to Demos. Below you will find concise how they work, with their contact details!


How do they work as a knowledge centre?

Demos active further builds on the knowledge that is already in the field is present and supports that. As a knowledge centre are therefore a learning organization. They put in at the same time on practice support and research so as to be the point of contact and organizer around participation of disadvantaged groups in the sectors of culture, Youth and sport.
In addition, you speak of 3 subdivisions within their operation.
They work practical support
Under this heading are all actions in which typifies Dēmos as accessible point of contact for projects and organizations that want to work from the perspective of disadvantaged groups in culture, youth work and sports. They work together tailored pathways, aimed at exchange of experience, knowledge building and visioning.
They choose a qualitative approach who bet on collaborations and synergies between a range of actors. This includes both the support of local organisations, thematic dialogues with actors from the superstructure, and the important bridge between practice and policy.


They work researching

The onderzoekswerking of Dēmos connect seamlessly with the practice support. From the touch with the practice we can respond to identified research needs and new policy challenges. In their onderzoekswerking they are in the first place the interests of disadvantaged groups. Therefore, the emphasis on practice-oriented research and innovation. Dēmos features a wide research network within which they seek out knowledge with a direct ' usability value '. In addition they put in on research that requires a more long-term approach.


They act as point of contact and organizer

If organization has Dēmos both in touch with the concrete practice developments and with the deepening and vision-developing function of research, What makes her perfectly placed an orientation feature to projects and organizations, and making them also organizer can be in upholstering, Orient and intensification of both action and reflection around participation of disadvantaged groups.


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