Publication: Circus on stilts


Not every child grows up with the same opportunities. All over the world, children are the first victims of poverty. And who grows up in a disadvantaged situation gets significantly less opportunities to participate in the socio-cultural associations. Not from unwillingness, from impotence. The road to a leisure organization has namely a lot of thresholds. A circus project can be a low-threshold approach to socially vulnerable children to reach and growth opportunities. The non-language, non-competitive nature of circus makes the entrance possible for anyone. Circus also offers quick success experiences to. And you learn a lot of skills needed to be able to become a full part in society.

Everyone on stilts want to coat racks offer to anyone who wants to start up a social circus project: escorts of socially vulnerable children, Circus workshops, Youth ventures, organisations from the youth care, bredeschoolprojecten, escorts from the regular youth work or employees in childcare. Ready-to-use solutions you will not find here. That do not exist. Each child and each group of questions an individual approach. Still, there are some tricks that prove their worth time and time again.

Everyone on stilts share own experiences and hopes to inspire on the go. Because circus with socially vulnerable children can be a rewarding and interesting search are that is worth.

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