Inclusion with adults


Social Volunteers

Cirkus in Motion also want to work inclusive with adults.

This happensduring the weekly classes for adults.

Everyone is welcome. In our volunteer group there are also adults who work each week to accomplish a number of tasks. This can range from administrative work to making costumes or helping during the classes. In addition to the development of relationships with volunteers, there are also annual collaborations within (Re)integration programs, (re)employment projects, accompaniment.

Most of these ' social ' volunteers help 1 until 3 days per week.

Inter generational circus

intergenerationeel circus

We continue to examine how to create new and innovative intergenerational activities and projects for everyone. Cirkus in Motion has a long experience with lessons in circo motor skills. During these lessons the relationship between parent and child and motor development are central. During the course year 2012-2013 there was also a weekly lesson retro circus, where children and grandparents try different circus techniques together. We were not able to maintain the project as a weekly lesson, but regularly organize workshops for 'young and old' and 'participate' sessions.

Another project that was very successful was our Piste ole project where children of the primary circus school performed and played in nursing homes in and around Leuven. We would really like to start this initiative.


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