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The winged horsemen (stilt group)

The winged horsemen is a stilt group with young people from different neighborhoods and areas of Leuven. Both children of the weekly balance class as well as children from the children's project of Fabota are part of the social and artistic project.

In the spring of 2014 we participated in the Pepernoot music festival for children and this group performed,, with the help of musicians and a few adult stilt artists, in Dilbeek, Diest and Leuven.

Also at the inauguration of the King and Queen this year they walked along in a big circus parade.

More info about the winged horsemen here.

Circus Atobaf

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Circus Atobaf consists of about 12 children from Fabota, the children's community development the Lampeke vzw's operation. For these children, that often come from a socially deprived situation, It is not always obvious to participate to circus. However, this circus group for a number of years (with succes!) and they receive an hour of circus class every Friday in their own circus hall on Fabota. In these classes, one of our teachers presents an extensive range of circus techniques and we work both on social, creative as well as technical skills. A pleasant group atmosphere, Group feeling and personality development are of great importance here.

A further step in this process is to offer an artistic platform, creating accessible opportunities to demonstrate their abilities to the public. We organize a circus camp 1 à 2 times per year for this group is, where we work on a show moment / small performance. This performance is then further rehearsed in the weekly lessons. We try to show this end product at events in Leuven in the safest possible atmosphere, so that the children enjoy what they perform before the public. In the past, circus Atobaf has let themselves be seen and heard in the neighborhood- and school parties. In 2012 they even performed in Leuven in scene, where they created a fantastic performance for a large audience.

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