Inclusive projects


Inclusion means participating in circus. Different groups start to interact. This is because the underlying vision circus not only for everyone, but also with everyone. In our society, young and old , and people of different backgrounds, unfortunately too often live past each other. We aspire, with to circus as a medium,, to encourage these interactions. It is also important that this interaction helps you to accept who you are, and that cultural, physical and mental differences are enriching to us all.

Inclusion in our circus school means that children from vulnerable situations can transfer to our weekly classes. Other examples can be found under the part & inclusion.

We often decide in cooperation with various partner organizations how to approach the situation and form a social circus project. The choice between both custom made circus as well as inclusion depends on many factors, and both have their- advantages as well as disadvantages. We try to view each project as an individual project and try to assess what currently best addresses the needs of an individual or group.


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