Circus with adults



Since September 2013 weekly circus lessons are offered in the Leuven auxiliary prison for prisoners in cooperation with VZW red anthracite.

The circus teacher mainly teaches juggling techniques to adults, in combination with rolla bolla and strength and flexibility training.
The auxiliary jail has a very varied audience and the classes are custom tailored to each prisoner.

From October 2014 go there weekly lessons in the main prison of Leuven.
A nice report, you will find HERE.

OCMW and De Mobil

In collaboration with VZW De Mobil , the OCMW of Leuven and RISO we organize classes on a regular basis for young mothers and toddlers.

Circomotoriek for parents and their young children

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vulnerable youth
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For this movement class we invite parents and young children (1 – 2,5 years of age) to the circus school to come play together. We learn all kinds of fun exercises and acrobatics movement games for baby and toddler together with mum and dad. For example: row your boat, on lookout, back massage, stomach massage, flying, sliding, swinging, horsey riding on one's knee,….

The movement exercises are based on the movement theory of Veronica Sherborne where the awareness of the body, but especially the relationship with each other are central.

Gigos vzw

Gigos organization can be categorized under the rubric of youth welfare and is active in 5 locations in the area of Genk. They feature both a children's- as a youth and teen working for socially vulnerable target groups.

In 2012 tutors followed about 10 sessions in our circus school to learn skills such as acrobatics, balance, juggling , play and theater.

They also learned to teach these skills to children and young adults. More concretely, it means, emphasizing creative and social goals by creating a safe and pleasant atmosphere.

The purpose of this course is that the counselors caught the circus bug and realized which skills one develops using this. It is also the intention that these counselors start working in the different youth groups in Genk to offer them a meaningful hobby while developing the aforementioned skills.