Broad School


The city of Leuven sees a "Broad School" as a cross-network and lasting partnership between schools in the same area, parents, local residents, governments and organizations that shape and support the learning and lives of children. Examples are: the youth organizations, the library, sports clubs, the neighborhood office, music etc.

Cirkus in Motion is an active player in a number of Broad School projects. In 2011-2012 is the number of extended Broad School projects, through collaborations with, amongst others,. Pee & Nel en De Zevensprong.

From September 2013 onwards, the city of Leuven wants open Broad School to a wide range of after school activities. Cirkus in Motion has been asked to play a very active role.

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Circus multiculti

In October 2008 Cirkus in Motion started with a new experimental school wide, together with Open School (Centre for adult basic education), SKLO and Park school. 10 for weeks 15 adults who speak a foreign language meet with 15 Dutch-speaking preschoolers and children together in a large circus room. They carefully got to know each other and soon had several adventures together.

We use relationship games and circus commands in one-to-one relationships, so that toddlers, children and adults get to know each other well and trust can grow. We use Veronica Sherborne's methodology of movement , based on body awareness and self confidence. During the meetings is this methodology applied in dynamic circus games (on the trapezes, with diabolos, with each other in pyramids,…).

Piste olé

Piste Olé is a collaborative project of insurence, Free elementary school Sancta Maria, Windekind - school for special education - and Living- care home E. Remy, in which children with and without disabilities and seniors meet weekly.

Having fun together (Olé), in the circus ring (Ski information), That is what it is all about!

In the first part children with and without disabilities did circus together weekly in the gym of their school. We worked in pairs according to the methodology of Veronica Sherborne so that trust could grow. The lesson largely consisted of movements- and relationship games with circus as a challenging game element. Under the guise of circus 100 children with and without disabilities can together in this project in a sustainable way.

In the second part 100 children in 2007 went to the retirement home 'De Remy' after school to play circus with the residents. These lessons were built to be safe but challenging so that wonderful connections could grow the elderly and the children. Piste Olé is all about having fun, but it also exercises the motor and social skills of the different target groups.


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