Who's who

We are now so many and it changes so fast, it is difficult to keep this page.
One of our good intentions 2020 🙂


Rika T

Without Rika was there just no insurence! Teacher circomotoriek and educational coordinator. Driving force behind the first circus School of Belgium and the social circus in Leuven.

Jonas Villagomez

Coordinator of the artistic work of insurence. Fixed instructor (juggling, unicycle), Member of the educational team. Each new circus toy is first tested by Jonas.

Annelies Claessens

Since 2009 business coordinator Cirkus in Motion. Plays "The Madammen from Ipanema 'and Les Nicol Rockettes and mother of three big boys.

Isabel Van Maele

Fixed instructor, Member of the educational team and coordinator of the BIC-training. Specialized in multi and luchtacro.

Fred Versonnen

As permanent instructor Circus theater, Member of the educational team and the artistic team a fixed value within insurence.

Joost Gad

Fixed teacher multi, juggling and diabolo. Member of the educational team of insurence, Fellow supervisor of production group ZigZag.

Patricia Padilla

Grew up at Cirkus in Beweging, leader of all percussion groups, the Ensorfanfare and eight and a half.

Nicolas Vanhole

Also this parkour hero comes from the Feline Family. A large children's Idol! Can't put 5 m without a salto to do.

Jasper Van Oost

This parkour instructor comes from the Feline Family and is now permanent employee at Cirkus in Beweging.

Tine Van Dyck

New coordinator workshops and holiday action + Policy Officer

Stef Lai

Creative teacher workshops, holiday action and broad School projects.

Eric Vonk

Super sporty trainer, fixed teacher dynamic football balancing with permanent partner.

Esteban Vin

Highly experienced specialist air acrobatics (cloth) and circus artist in the Cirk and stick Cie.

Gert De Cooman

Air Acrobat and co-founder of Carré Curieux

Hanna Mampuys

Professor acro balancing and circus Theatre. Supervisor of ZigZag. Founder of the artistic project Deux sans Trois.

Hanne Stoop

Super-enthusiastic young hard teacher. Always on the go for her Circus attic and holiday action.

Iñaki Bouillon

Of Assistant teacher evolved to unicycle.

IRIS obeten

Teacher Multi-groups, Member of Dynamo and WOK.

Bettina Dela Rosa

Specialist teacher unicycle experts.

Yuri Haider

Our specialist in nursery internships and circomotoriek. Penalty ballonplooier known by Joep Entertains in zoutleeuw.

Johannes Siemann

Artist at heart, with fancy for circus and music. Lecturer multi, circomotoriek and holiday action.

Jonas Jain

Specialist teacher unicycle basketball.

Kriz Halvorsen

Fixed instructor balance and luchtacro, but can just about all the techniques and very useful in addition!

Renee Davidson

Air acrobatics teacher and kindergarten teacher in the making

Lien Drent

Fixed teacher unicycle and circomotoriek. Very involved in circus workshop Locorotondo in Herentals.

Mathias Banda

Teacher Parkour.

Nicole Calderon

Front woman of Les Nicolettes, the Majorettengroep, also M

Tias Guns

Dr. computer scientist, young dad, but also gifted unicyclist play online now. Teacher at Multi teens and adults.

Tobias Verlinde

Very committed as a teacher Circus attic, engineer and IT specialist. Our website and facebook likes he in the eye.

Show Venkatasubramanian

Self-taught juggler, teacher acrobatics, supervisor of Piquet and (artistic) partner of Hanna.

Tuur Dale

Of Assistant teacher evolved to unicycle.

Hani Saleh

For many years fixed teacher of the Circus attics. Now abroad, but from January back.

Arne Pag

Circus-animator and artistic centipede

David W

Acrobat, tightrope Walker and a member of the ' K-Brothers '

Jo Zanders

At the same time old and new teacher! Back by popular demand with "Percussion for kids". Known by Lokomotiv!

Karlon Fonteyn

Creative centipede and designer of our most artistic costumes (the Ensorfanfare, the winged Horsemen, ...)

Marleen Eagle

For years, volunteer. Karlon attributes and helps makes accessories and costumes by 2 to 3 to transform dimensions.

Roxana Garcia

Circus-animator and experienced stilts

Stijn Bangs

Coordinator of workshops and holiday action, for love of social circus and supervisor of Piquet.

Casper Vidyasagar

Piquet'er, Assistant Multi and pupil of the Circus school

Cédric Urbanski

Assistant Parkour

Damiaan Vega

Assistant Parkour

Sebastian Vega

Assistant Parkour

Job Saab

ZigZag'er and Assistant at the Circus attics.

Lucas Vizcaino

Assistant percussion instructor and member of Dynamo

Luke Walsh

Assistant Parkour

Marthe N

Assistant Circus Attics

Nina Vyas

This air Acrobat jumps also regularly in as substitute teacher balance.

Silke Rys

Assistant Air- and grondacro and pupil Circus school

Anne K.

ZigZag'er and Assistant

Evelyn M

Assistant Circus Attic

Frederic Becker

Assistant Parkour

Henry Sagar

Piquet'er and Assistant

Jaak Wadhwa

Assistant Parkour

Marie Mackenzie

Assistant Parkour

Wilhelm Röpke

Assistant Parkour

Currently not active in insurence:

Nikita Gaikwad

Teacher Dynamic Acro, also in the circus school

Pamela Van Damme

An architect with exceptional unicycle skills. Ex-Artishocker and companion of former group WOK.

John Walters and Ruslan Khalilov

Acro Yoga Teachers

Annemie Pierlé

Teacher Luchtacro and balance for the youngest groups. Together with Hanna and Show part of Deux sans Trois.

Myrddin Peters

Assistant Parkour

Sebastiaan Vidyasagar

Assistant Circus Attics

Eva Luna Moons

Assistant multi, pupil Circus school, Member of ZigZag.

Shaghayegh A

Assistant multi

Danie Maclean

Assistant percussion instructor and member of Molotov

Nele Palmer

Fixed multi teacher. This LO teacher also gives circus in Brussels, Diest, MOL and tens.

Pepin P.

A hobby that a private life went or how an engineer also artist and instructor air acrobatics can be.

Christophe G

Faithful Wednesday-volunteer, that our garages on order keeps and maintains the tumblingmatten. Indispensable!

Tijs Babatunde

ZigZag'er, Assistant and student at the Circus school

Ramona Villanueva

Assistant Balance

Dagmar Somers

Assistant Parkour

Kavitha Jacob

Sound and light have no secrets for him. House technician and just graduated from the Rits College.


 Former EVS'ers and trainees :

Marieke Crab

Trainee (until January 2016) and Jack of all trades

Simo Vanhole

Trainee (until January 2016) and Jack of all trades

Vera Schuck

German EVS'er (until June 2016) and Jack of all trades

Jonathan Delgado (Jono)

Started as EVS'er and in the meantime fixed instructor start-up production group, Parkour and air-acro. Supervisor of Bounce.

Benito Corral López

Spanish EVS'er and graphic designer of this new website! We will miss you Benito!!!

Dario Tabakov

Bulgarian EVS'er, circus artist and musician, handy harry and r & d engineer.

TOA Veiga

Trainee Social Readaptation- Sciences, a welcome support 2014.


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