Mission Vision Organization chart



Cirkus in Motion wants to entice people to self-development , in depth and as broad as possible:
We want to encourage participants to be creative, Social and develop motor skills and develop through creative, artistic and expressive movement forms. We want to give everyone the opportunity to outline a personal goal, Depending on the interests, needs and talents. The participant and the fun are key. Creating a physically and emotionally safe environment where participants trust, respect and get challenged to explore and push their limits, and to be innovative. We pay extra attention to socially vulnerable groups.

Cirkus in Motion aims to provide an artistic platform and to impress audiences:
We offer easy preformance opportunities for young artistic people and guide them in their growth. Together with them, we look for an audience, in order to surprise, make them wonder and to touch them in their own way. The subtle interplay between performing and surprising, watching and being amazed, make circus a very intriguing art form that naturally generates succesful experiences and generates applause.

Cirkus in Motion wants to be socially sensitive and continue to evolve:
In order to be able to meet an ever-changing society, We have to constantly question our methodology and are not afraid of change. Together with young people and teachers, we always design new activities, projects and products to get the circus arts to everyone and to respond to new social trends.


Cirkus in motion is to be an entrepreneurial and innovative actor in the field of education, and circus artistic development, an alert and dynamic partner in the broad social and socio-cultural fabric, a base and crossroads for everyone involved with circus or wants to be, a catalyst and initiator of what is happening in and around Leuven to circus happens or can happen, and an active and open player in the wider national and international circus field.

Cirkus in Motion sees circus as a multidisciplinary collection of creative and expressive movement forms, which are subject to social trends, without competitive drive and little language- or some other cultural barriers. Cirkus in Motion is open to innovation and experimenting with other art forms. Creativity and movement are central. Both percussion as acroparkour are logical complements to the classic techniques circus. Together they Cirkus in Motion richer as a performing artist.

We strive social, social, cultural, artistic, … trends to follow and respond to them with innovative and valuable educational concepts circus. We do not just reach a diverse audience, but also convert this diversity into the overall operation of Cirkus in Motion.

Organization chart

Cirkus in Motion viewed as a circus tent

Design: Margot De Baets & Tobias Verlinde