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In 2012-2013 insurence was partner in an international network project: Social Educircation supported by the Grundtvig learning partnerships within the lifelong learning project of the European Commission.

A report of our project in the prison of Leuven in 2014 or 2015 do you thinkHERE.

A summary of the 7 Social Educircation projects between 2014-2016 do you think HERE.

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Social Educircation is an international project for circus teachers. The aim of this project is personal enrichment that is used to improve the quality of circus lessons.

The project was continued for the period 2014-2016.

During this project will have different activities for professionals in the circus world (teachers, artists, schools, coordinators, Administration, …) in order to get a clear picture on circus in Europe and to improve its methods.


Cirqueon (Prague, Czech Republic)
– Hungarian Juggling Association (Budapest, Hungary)
– The Invisible Circus (Bristol, UK)
– Juggling Center Berlin (Berlin, Germany)
– Valencian Circus Association (Valencia, Spain)
– Kids in Action (Thessaloniki, Greece)


Our teachers Hanne Stoop and Nina Vyas came in September 2015 together with the other 5 partners in Prague for a workshop ' Circus and children and young people with disabilities '. They immersed themselves in developing methods to circus as possible for children with disabilities.

Nina and Hanne: “In the morning there was a brainstorming session and/or workshop with the teachers and in the afternoon we were able to try out games and exercises with the children of a Prague school. We have seen many, done a lot, many experienced, learned a lot and felt. In addition, it was also an inspiring and very nice experience. We are already convinced that this is just the beginning ...”

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