European Network for Circus Interchange


By 2013 until 2015 Insurence is coordinator of the European Network For Circus Interchange (ENCI) an international network with 6 partners from 5 several European countries. This project is supported by the Life Long Learning programme of the European Commission.


ENCIPartners ENCI:
– Circus Central, Newcastle, UK
– Cirqueon, Prague, Czech Republic
– Frappáns Cirkuszínház, Hungary
– Hangar Arts Trust, London, UK
– Valencian Circus Association, Valencia, Spain

Website ENCI:



Each organization organizes 2 a 5-day workshop with a specific topic. In each workshop with focus on methodology, Circus plays, the Organization of the circus and the terminology of circus and circus education.

"The idea is to improve understanding of the different methods of learning, learning and organising by within the different circus schools in Europe to explore and share knowledge. "


The objectives:
– Our training courses for staff and teachers improve. The enrich lessons by intensive training sessions for teachers. An eclectic methodology development for circus education.
– Identify the working methods of circus education creativity, need innovation and expression, they are of great importance for modern international labour markets.
– Various local languages exercise and develop a uniform English circus terminology.
– The knowledge and expertise of cicuseducatieve organizations and circus performers spread.
– A network establishment of circus training to support professional circus performers.
– A wiki-like source development so that the user can collect data for further educational effects.


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