European Voluntary Service


For more than 10 year Cirkus In Motion is a- send and host organization for European Volunteers in the European Voluntary Service project of the European Commission , formerly Youth In Action. Each year 2 volunteers in our organization who come through the EVS program. Our candidates have different profiles:, there are volunteers who are interested in education and circus education, others are more oriented towards imaging and modern media, Finally, there are also volunteers with artistic ambitions.


Vera Schuck

German EVS'er (until June 2016) and Jack of all trades

Jonathan Delgado (Jono)

Started as EVS'er and in the meantime fixed instructor start-up production group, Parkour and air-acro. Supervisor of Bounce.

Benito Corral López

Spanish EVS'er and graphic designer of this new website! We will miss you Benito!!!

Dario Tabakov

Bulgarian EVS'er, circus artist and musician, handy harry and r & d engineer.


For more information about this project you can contact us via Jonas@cirkusinbeweging.be