City Circus Festivals


In association withCity Of Leuven or Leuvenment VZW we have been actively involved since 2009 in an Annual Circus Festival in the city of Leuven, We organized ‘TheLeuvens Stadscircusfestival in 2009 '.
In 2010 we organized ' The Circusbruul ' as part of ' Leuven In Scene '.
In 2011 we started the new circus festival in Leuven 'Circus and Co' an 2 annual circus festival in the city of Leuven that alternates with Leuven In Scene.
In 2012 we organized an urban circus during Leuven in Scene . A youth festival with circuit, breakdance and challenging circus techniques.

In 2016 creates a whole new city circus festival which the city and Cirkus in motion intensive cooperation.


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As in previous years remains a strong partner within the circus insurence- and street theatre projects. So there was in 2013 another edition of the festival city circus Circus & and Co. For this purpose, we work closely with Leuvenement vzw. In addition, we put our shoulders under a decent circus programming in the existing culture houses. For the time being, we only work together with 30CC. We give advice about the programming of circus performances, but also create performances ourselves such as the Children's Festival Red Dog. In 2013 we strengthened the bond with the Leuven cultural center, but we also to involve other parties (BV. PIECE) to join us to look into the possibilities to offer circus programs. This is important for the recognition of circus as a fully fledged art form, between the other (stage)Arts.