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GENERAL lesjaar 2020-2021

Unless otherwise stated, apply the amounts below for the whole year (middle of september until the end of may).

Each entry is associated with a certain amount.
For the 1st lesson that someone from your family follows, you pay
(and the 1st best lesson you take the class with the longest duration; This is something cheaper you)

– for a lesson from 1u : €183
– for a lesson of 1 h 15 : €200
– for a lesson of 1 h 30 : €217
– a lesson of 1h45 : €239
– for a lesson of 2u : €261

Starting from the 2nd lesson within the family you pay € 30 per quarter, This means

– for a lesson from 1u : €120
– for a lesson of 1 h 15 : €150
– for a lesson of 1 h 30 : €180
– a lesson of 1h45 : €210
– for a lesson of 2u : €240

Inbregepen in the price are:
– your participation for a full school year
– your insurance
– newsletters (informative emails, specifically directed to certain classes)
– four editions of the magazine ‘ Circus Magazine’ (the magazine of the Circus Center, the umbrella organisation of the Flemish circus workshops).


Once you are certain that you are registered (= After receiving confirmation email), you can pay quickly and easily via the app. Of course you can also simply transfer to BE67 7344 0610 8087 with mention of a structured communication you by e-mail.
Pay do you as quickly as possible and not later than 30 September.

SOCIAL TARIFF or rescheduling

Money should never be the reason to not take part in our classes.
Should there be a problem, please contact and then we work out a solution.

Do you have a Uitpas with Opportunity Fee? Then you get 80% discount the normal registration fee.
Write down your Uitpas in the Notes to the online registration or mail it to Annelies.
See For more information.

Some other financial opportunities:
– payment 2 with 3 discs, spread over the lesjaar
– discount on the total amount, after consultation
– a combination of the above two

Children / adolescents / adults who come to us through social mediators or institutions pay anyway but € 50 per lesjaar (Terbank, CPAs, Combo, The switch, …)


When you decide not to take a course for which you are registered, you must always inform us by mail : Do this as soon as possible! So you give the people on the waiting list a chance to participate and you avoid costs for the lessons already passed and you have not followed.

Depending on the reason for cancellation may recover part of your tuition fees. So stated the reason for your cancellation in writing.

For free training and workshops we offer different formulas:

A subscription for a fixed free practice (V1, V2, V3 with V4), for year: €100 – you choose one specific weekly time.

A 10-session card that you can use for all free practice sessions of the workshop: €42 – as when the week.

You can also just come to practice and € 5 cash paid to the teacher each time you go – above do not need to book in advance.
This 3rd option is not possible as long as corona determines our life and this because of the contact log that is based on our digital presence lists.
You do not have to let us know in advance if you are coming, but your name must be registered in our registration system.


To cater to students with varying class schedules, exams and a budget, to adults with a busy life, can this for certain classes of adult offerings a 10-session card buy. Each purchased card is valid for one certain les, for one year.
The first 10-session card you buy via the registration system. For your next mail Annelies.

  • 10-session card for a lesson from 1u : €73
  • 10-session card for a lesson of 1 h 15 : €79
  • 10-session card for a lesson of 1 h 30 : €85
  • 10-session card for a lesson of 2u : €99


For the insurance of the participating parent, You bet your € 50 extra. It is not necessary that the same parent comes along every week.
If your family takes 2 circo motor classes, is 1 x € 50.
No supplement necessary if the participating parent is itself a lesson.


Carrousel (P3), Umbrella (P5) in Molotov (P1)

Price for the rehearsals : € 125 per year.
Members of production groups that follow different circus lessons, therefore get an extra discount 30%.
So don't forget every year to register again for this tutorial, otherwise, the discount is not awarded.
Once you are registered for Carrousel, Umbrella or Molotov can give you a "production discount’ use for your other weekly classes. The codes are you worried by mail.

Baguette (P2)

This percussion- & music group is the 4- à 6-member spin-off of the old group Dynamo.
Participation is free, after auditioning with Tom Permentier and the rest of the group.

Percussion Adults (P4)

The weekly rehearsal is a regular class of 1,25 hours.
Discount of 30% other circus lessons.

  • P4 = payment as a normal lesson of 1h15 (€200) + coupon discount from 30%
  • P4.1 = series of 7 lessons = from 16 September to 28 October 2020 = €40
  • P4.2 = new group of "adult percussion", with new conductor = from 18 November 2020 until 26 may 2021 (= 23 classes) = €160

Always bring in your receipts for reimbursement (of transport)whether related to. performances and internships.

Teachers and Lecturers ASSISTANT

Teachers may attend free of other classes.
The assistant teachers receive a discount 50% for the other lessons they follow.
For this you need to fill a registration code delivered to you by mail.
Also lecturer or assistants need to register. They have no priority over other members.


Students who take a set of the following classes 4 classes :

– 1 class in acrobatics
– 1 class circus theater
– 2 specialization classes

pay € 110 per lesson or € 480 per year.
Anything additional costs per family, is calculated at € 30 per additional quarter of an hour.

Are you in this case, or like a call to, because this must be adjusted manually.


For more info, contact