Circo Dexterity with toddlers

Circo Dexterity with toddlers

Do you work with children and move like? Then this book is ideal for you.Circo Dexterity with toddlers is a collection of acrobatic play for toddlers. To play with Mom or Dad, with an older child or another.

Do not be put off by the word 'acrobatics'. This allows anyone. each kindergarten. each teacher. all parents. Circo Dexterity is not technically, competitive or complicated.

These75 instapklare playfocusing on confidence, social skills and cooperation. And in the most understandable way for toddlers: while playing and moving. Each game offers a motor, creative or social challenge and departs from the world of children: They learn to stand up for himself as a starfish that defies the storm, dealing respectfully with each other by unpack a boyfriend as fragile gift and collaborate to build simple but challenging pyramids.

Circo Dexterity arose when Rika T Partner playing movement therapist Veronica Sherborne coupled with acrobatics art. For thirty years prove that their power play. For the first time, they are now joined. Be inspired and get started in your spare time, at school or in your family.

Nelsons Acrobat Book

Nelsons-AcrobatenboekFor over twenty years Rika Taeymans teaches circo motor skill lessons every Saturday to more than one hundred children with their mom or dad. During those movement games and acrobatic exercises she sees the children flourish weekly, sees fathers laugh and mothers enjoy frolicking with their kindergartner.

Our busy society does not always allow us to physically play with our children. Physical contact is nevertheless just as important as the air children breathe. Play together does wonders for your child's development and also for your relationship with your toddler.

Rika bundled her circo motor skill exercises in a beautifully illustrated activity book for parents and toddlers, that was published in september 2013 by the Davidsfonds. Nelson Acrobat book is for sale at Cirkus in Motion and costs € 16. The English translation "Jack's Acrobatics" will appear in October 2014.

As a sequel to this book Rika is planning another book with exercises for the whole family and a useful handbook for Circo Motor Dexterity kindergarten teachers, youth workers and circus teachers.

Circus op Stilts

Together with. VZW Fabota 2014 we created a publication based on our experience regarding social circus with children from a disadvantaged background. The booklet "Circus on stilts" is aimed at all youth workers and teachers who are interested in circus with disadvantaged children. It is for sale at Cirkus in Motion and costs € 5 or here to download it.

As a follow up, we are planning a publication about "circus in the youth movement".

20 year insurence

Following our 20th anniversary in 2013 a beautiful photo book was created, with highlights of 20 jaar circus classes, workshops, production groups, local- and foreign performances, festivals, custom animations and more.
This photo book is for sale at Cirkus in Movement and costs € 25.

Circus in school

Circus school bookAuthors : Reginald Leper and Isabel Van Maele.

Circus Skills offers a number of educational opportunities that align perfectly with the current goals of Physical Education for primary and secondary education and cross-curricular end terms, especially in terms of motor competence and self-esteem and social relations.
Circus at school is a practical book on circus. It is written from the renewed professional concept on physical education. It is aimed at physical education teachers, youth movement therapists and tutors.

This book is available on a diet € 42.