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For your information: the current year started on 16 September 2019 and up to and including 31 may 2020.
Corona update: we are busy organizing online lessons for after the Easter holidays. And with possible lessons in June or September. We will keep you informed!

During school vacations there are no classes.
For classes on weekends the line is the following : if there was school the Friday before, ice is read.


There will come a time after corona, and then the climate must become top priority again! The Cirkus in Beweging team wants to contribute to this.
You will see that with every lesson the (entirely without obligation) option it says “YES, I would like 1 donate euros to plant a tree!”
Due to the corona situation it was not yet possible to communicate about this, but here you can read more about the underlying idea.


for weekly lessons 2020-2021 ?

from Sunday 26 April 2020 at 10 am more everyone register.
You can register only Online through our website (even from your smartphone!).

To ensure a smooth process, we process the entries in four steps. You write so in on 26 April, but the confirmation (or message queue) only follows, depending on in which of the 4 groups you are sitting with your subscription. When registering you must indicate which group you belong.

priority Group 1 = Confirmation from 26/04/2020

   – whoever now following lesson and will re-enroll in this particular lesson
   – whoever now following a lesson and will follow the same lesson on another day
   – whoever is feeding to the next group (BVB luchtacro of 12+ to 14+).

priority Group 2 = Confirmation from 30/04/2020

   – Current members who wish to enroll for a new lesson (not o.w.v. Age, but really another discipline) 

priority Group 3 = Confirmation from 4/05/2020

   – registrations who was on the waiting list this year of an apprenticeship followed
   – registrations brothers, Sisters, mommies and daddies who followed no class yet so far

priority Group 4 = Confirmation from 11/05/2020

   – the lists are further complemented by State-of-the-art candidates

Also who was on a waiting list this year, must reapply. No one is automatically re-registered.

For the sake of clarity,: from Sunday 26 April 2020 can anyone send its registration by, but registrations of the guard thrushes and new members will be confirmed later.
Against 15 may 2020 would anyone have received a confirmation email is there.
On CIRKL in Sluis Park 16-17 may, You can come and see the lists on paper.
On your personal dashboard, you can always check the current status.


for weekly lessons 2019-2020?

From February 20 March 2020 You can not enroll online 2019-2020, only for practice and holiday courses.

If you questions have about courses of the current year, send an email to Always mention name and family name of the child/young person in question.


for weekly lessons, holidays, Lessons series, production groups, …

You can register only Online, through our website: .
new since 2019: You can now register through your immaculate SMARTPHONE.

A word of explanation:

You create one account per household, based on an e-mail-address. Each family has a central person, 'Of Booker', This is usually a parent. Can family members be added to the booking agency. Both the Booker as the family members can register for activities. A family can also consist of only the Booker.

Your account includes 3 pages between which you can change via the menu button at the top right. at my subscriptions a summary of all your subscriptions and you can start a new subscription. below my payments You can find pay an overview of all your payments and and my family Watch all family members, their data and medical information.

Now click on the green button "Register". You can register for different types of activities: weekly classes, holiday action, production groups, short courses and workshop. All activities are grouped by theme (acrobatics, multi circus, Theatre…) & you can see what activities there is room and the fully booked.

When you're done registering, you will see an overview per family: who is registered for what, or the registration was already confirmed by the Secretariat, or you on the waiting list, how much to pay in total is and when. This takes into account our different discount rules (1th class and next classes per family, discount for members of production groups and for the workshop, extra for parents circomotoriek, courses with a fixed price, …).

You will receive a mail of each step, on each relevant e-mail address regarding the following: when your registration has been received, after confirmation that you're in or the message that you are on the waiting list. With the main e-mail address and a password you can look at the situation again later, add family members, change your data and make additional registrations.

Registrations are processed in the order they are received. If an activity is full, a waiting list will be created. The online system will immediately inform, even though some entries not yet confirmed. If online system indicates that a tender will end up on the waiting list, does not need to be. Tenders will be accepted 4 steps.

When enrolling you agree to our terms & conditions & our Privacy declaration. You can here to find those.


The great advantage of this online system, is that you will know very quickly whether you are registered, with confirmation email and an overview of what to pay is.

Do you still have questions i. v. m. the inscription, then you can go to the Secretariat via e-mail or telephone : with 016 60 32 63. You can always visit. Include in your email ever name and date of birth of the person who would like to join us in your mail message.


Once you are certain that you are registered – This is after receiving the confirmation email – You can overwrite the registration fee on BE67 7344 0610 8087 with mention of a structured communication your confirmation.

For weekly classes: It is best to pay as soon as possible and no later than 30 September. Included in the fees are: your participation, your insurance, the digital newsletters and the four editions of the magazine "Circus magazine" (the magazine of the umbrella organisation of the Flemish circus workshops).

For the holiday action: pay at least a week before the start of the stage.



During school vacations there are no classes.
For classes on weekends the line is the following : if there was school the Friday before, there's lessons on weekends.


When you decide not to take a course for which you are registered, you need this in each case by mail let you know. Please do so as soon as possible, How to make someone else happy with the vacant place.

Depending on the reason for cancellation, you may be able to recoup a portion of the tuition.




For more info, contact