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Frequently Asked Questions

We regularly receive the same questions regarding subscriptions, waiting lists, The online registration module… Below is a list of frequently asked questions, accompanied by a reply.

When classes start?
Our year started on circus 16 september 2019.

How do I register?
This is always done through our website. An employee can not telephone subscribe.
For the weekly classes can you here start, for fight can you here register.
More information on how this tool works can be found here: www.cirkusinbeweging.be/inschrijven/

In which courses are still places?
That can be found through www.cirkusinbeweging.be/circusschool/aanbod-lessen the per soort.

Wat als er nog plaats is? Kan ik nu nog instromen?
Je mag je altijd online inschrijven.
Afhankelijk van het soort les, kan je onmiddellijk starten of kan je starten na de volgende schoolvakantie (dit laatste is vooral zo voor Luchtacro en Parkour).
De prijs wordt aangepast pro rata het aantal lessen dat al voorbij is.
Bij bevestiging ontvang je een mail met alle nodige info.
Je moet pas betalen nadat je 1 les gevolgd hebt. Zie ook verder bij ‘les uitproberen’.

What if a course is full?
Also on the waiting list on your online, as explained here:

What if I'm on the waiting list?
Once there is space, Get you're notified by email.
After registration you can always mail (to inschrijvingen@cirkusinbeweging.be) to sound out the place on the waiting list.

How do I increase my chances to participate?
Many classes are held at different times. Subscribe therefore for all classes that are eligible for you (So also you 2nd, 3nd with 4nd choice).
Once you get confirmation for a lesson, you can get your registration for the classes that you do not needby mail Cancel.
You can also get on the waiting list for other lessons, until a better option comes out on top.

What cost classes?

Can I try a class before you enroll?
You can however register as soon as possible, but we expect you to pay only 30 September (with 2 weeks after starting).
This gives you the opportunity to follow a lesson and still be sure of a place.
Had it not you like, You may 30 September (or within the 2 weeks after starting) by mail annuleren en hoef je niets te betalen.

Can anyone come to the free practice?
The conditions for the free practice read here:

When can I register for 2020-2021? 
Registration for 2020-2021 Starting Sunday 26 April 2020 at 10 am. The procedure can be read atwww.cirkusinbeweging.be/circusschool/inschrijven 

When can I register for holiday courses? 
Christmas break: from Monday 4 November 2019 at 10 am.
Crocus-, Easter- and summer holidays: from Monday 13 January 2020 at 10 am.

During school vacations there are no classes
For classes on weekends the line is the following : if there was school the Friday before, there's lessons on weekends.

Form for health insurance? 
With most health insurance you can recover a part of your registration fee. Each fund has a different kind of form. Via your dashboard can you – Once your payment is registered at Cirkus in Motion – an attendance certificate download which is accepted by each fund. You do not send more forms to fill to the secretariat.

The Uitpas you have 2 possibilities:
– Any person with a can Uitpas 1 point save per week (only the Ruelensvest), but you pay the normal price.
– When you have a chance to Uitpas rate you are entitled to 80% discount. In that case send you your registration number along the Uitpas and the discount will be adjusted manually.
See https://www.leuven.be/uitpas

What should I do if my family situation changes?
Please contact your best annelies@cirkusinbeweging.be.

For more info, contact inschrijvingen@cirkusinbeweging.be