Circus High School: stories of parents


"I clearly see that my daughter is open flourished since they go to the circus school goes. This is a unique offer for children who are addressed by a sporting artistic training. The two talents are developed there. Not to mention that the ASO circus direction also a very good cognitive foundations for a wide range of college or university studies can catch fire. For me as a parent, Xanthe is the choice that has made clear a windfall.”

Ludo Varga

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“Despite doubt in the beginning (because we did not know the school) we are very pleased that we have followed her in her choice. Fun to see that your child goes to school with a smile. Also the courses for her more boring are, be more entertaining because of breaking of the day by the fantastic lessons. The atmosphere is good; all children who like to recognize each other and encourage each other sports at. The fine itself we find that they are not only a “knowledge formation” gets, but similarly, physical and creative is. Seems to me to be good for the development of her person and self confidence. The possibilities for later are completely open.”

Goedele Vriens


“My daughter has literally begged to be allowed to go. I had tears in my eyes. We are now very happy that it has sustained. She is there at all levels open flowered.
As a parent, I was afraid that the level of the other subjects would be too low. But when I go to work look that gets them home, should that be do for other secondary schools
Circus is much move, but without the aspect of competition (as in other sports). As a result, this training unique! Ideal for our daughter who can't sit still. Without the circus school would have been a secondary career her agony. In the first place for her, but also for us.”

Chris Maggard


“If I'm honest, I must admit that I was initially not so completely taken with the choice of my son to option to study in the circus Redingenhof. But as always was unknown unloved and now he has completed two years I can only very positive – the camaraderie in this direction is unprecedented, the motivation of my son rampant (and in consequence its results also) and the level of studies is as high as in the other schools of Leuven. A must so across the Board.”

Peter Vidyasagar


“The option for our son and daughter in Circus Sports is essential in their learning pathway. A gap in the market because this is a particularly good way to a passion for movement and creativity to be become. The creativity with which you can express with circus, the rediscovery of your own body does what with young people. It sharpens it self to. It stimulates, It intrigues and it sharpens the young mind to.

A direction as this is the only and indispensable in secondary education. It would be all over Flanders may get a place. So that the children and young people of the 21st century to realize- together with their parents- that besides other intellegenties count and count are those socially relevant.”

Patricia Davis


Our thanks to these parents for their stories!

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