Program circus school


1th grade: We are working on a broad basis

During 1st semester 4 hour circus and during the 2nd semester 4 hour multisports(omnisport, dance, basket, Football, tennis, cycling).

2the grade: 6 Circus hours per week

Through modules are working on different circus disciplines and a groepsact is developed for the talent.

3the grade: 7 Circus hours per week

From now on you will choose a specialization & you get the chance to participate in the open slopes with an individual act.

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Delivering the circus hours:

A strong focus on acrobatics or physical training.
The program is tailored according to the needs and demands of the students and teachers. For the holidays we provide a thesis stage (BV: Parkour, rocker, Clowning,…).

What do we mean by option circus skills? Circus is an art form based on three elements:
body, object & the space

How these three elements relate to each other determines how a circus act will look like. Those three elements we find back in training:

– acrobatics and physical training: the artist trains his body by daily physical training
– circus techniques: he chooses an object to work with in his act, for instance. a trapeze, cones or a partner. With this item is extremely hard and with a lot of discipline practiced
– Circus theater: with drama and dance he determines how he moves in space, compares to others

What is a "normal" week off?

– each year 2 hours per week devoted to acrobatics.
– In the 1st and 2nd grade we work for the remaining hours modules (juggling, acro-borne, air acro, balance, dance, Theatre, creation,…)
– In 3rd grade you have next to 2am acrobatics, 3 am specialization or 2 hours Circus theater

The students of the Circus Humanities may freely participate in the freetraining at Cirkus in Motion and Hal5.

Key Dates and Events
Cost estimate

On the link below you will find more information about the cost estimates per year:

Boarding school

If you live quite far from Leuven and keeps the idea of ​​you daily commute? No problem because Redingenhof also features a boarding:

Who's who?

The permanent team:
Lennert Vandenbroeck (Coordinator): acro-borne (hand to hand, banquine, Russian bar), cyr wheel, Circus theater
Nico Vanhole: Parkour, acrobatics
Rika T: balance
Freya Pauwels: dance

guest lecturers:
Toon Van Bergen Gram: juggling
Johan Walter: balance
Renee Davidson: air acro
Antonio Terrones: rocker
Ilke Teerlinck: dance

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