Circus High School


Redingenhof Leuven

move, sport and play like you?
Are you flexible or very rigid?

Looking for a place where you can lose your creativity?
Dance you like or play like theater?

Have you always secretly wished you could fly?

Do you dream of making somersaults and walk on your hands?
Would you like to dance on a string or a trapeze flying through the air?
Or do you want to 3, 4, 5 or even 7 balls to juggle?

Dream you might like to be a circus performer?

Then you've come to the right place!

In 2010 started the Atheneum Redingenhof Leuven in collaboration with Cirkus in motion with the option Circus. This training was christened Circus Humanities.

It's about a ASO (Sportwetenschappen) with RELEASE (Physical Education and Sport) Training where you choose the option Circus.

The prospects in this direction are unlimited. Both after the ASO or TSO choice are all options for higher or university education possible. Of course, these students are better prepared than others to follow a direction in the circus / dance / theater arts or sports. We prepare our students bring to the strict auditions of colleges for Circus Arts as Brussels, Tilburg of Rotterdam.

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What are the advantages of option Circus ?

  1. Circus is not only a physical challenge, also teaches independent or project-based to work, creative or innovative handle tasks.
  2. Unique combination of physical training or artistic development.
  3. In addition to a powerful group happen, we focus on individual development: by the large and diverse range of circus techniques, We offer each student the chance to personal route to follow, matching the own strengths and interests.
  4. possible within ASO or RELEASE.
  5. Experienced teachers, specialized in their field and active as artist.
  6. Offer from extramural optredens and activities within- and abroad.
  7. We have four prime locations:
    Chapel Hall (pocket), HAL 5 (pocket), gymnasium Blauwput (Kessel-Lo), Danscentrum Aike Raes


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