Offer lessons: Free training & Workshop

Free trainingThe free training and the workshop are the places for additional training and creation, and exchange between different disciplines and artists. Anyone can freely exercise, exchange or guidance questions for technical or artistic input.

The free training is the place for anyone who wants to create, train, experiment or show. You work relatively independently, but are also coached, stimulated, tantalized, comforted. Also show moments and try-outs are possible here.

Free training for people with experience, which can work independently! These are not lessons where a teacher leads the lesson.

Members of production groups and production lesson here may (charge) are working on their songs. They will be much exchanged here and learn from each other.

You can follow the free practice in different formulas

A subscription for a fixed free practice, for year.

A 10-session card that you can use for all free practice sessions of the workshop.

You can also just come to practice and € 5 cash paid to the teacher each time you go - you do not have to book in advance.
We do not recommend this 3rd option as long as corona determines our life and this because of the contact log that is based on our digital presence lists.
You do not have to let us know in advance if you are coming, but your name must be registered in our registration system. For the exceptions, there is a contact log at each location.

More info: see Prices