Offer lessons: Adults and students

To cater to students with varying class schedules, exams and a budget, to adults with a busy life, can this for certain classes of adult offerings a 10-session card buy. These classes are marked with on the timetableWe do not offer this lake for all classes, because we have noticed that some classes do not work well / safe when participants become irregular.

Each purchased card is valid for one certain les, for one lesjaar. Obviously registration still possible for a lesjaar.

Prices 2020-2021:

  • 10-turn card for a lesson 1 am : €73
  • 10-turn card for a lesson 1U15 : €79
  • 10-turn card for a lesson 1u30 : €85
  • 10-turn card for a lesson 1u45 : €92
  • 10-turn card for a lesson 2 am : €99
  • 10-card in turn for any free training or workshop : €42

For more info about the content of the various classes, please contact us lessons.

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