Offer lessons: Lessons in all techniques
Multi circus, Circus training & Circus attics

In lessons multi circus, circus and circus training attic discussed many different circus techniques. Throughout the year make the children or adults to know just about every circus technique. Not only juggling, Balancing and (air)acrobatics are covered, also parkour, Circus theater, endurance training, … There is also plenty of room for games, free practice, learn from each other, being creative and to each other or the parents show. Also crazy lessons where parents may come join, the circus stuff disappeared, … are not to rule out!

Anyone can register for these lessons, with or without circus experience.

Multi circus:
Here we discover the circus while playing ; with a mix of all circus disciplines.
Various techniques are repeated and expanded during the year. Even the years after, you learn more and more difficult variants. Also new techniques such as stilts, unicycle and cloth, will then be discussed.

Circus training:
In these lessons, the focus is already more on more difficult trucks such as juggling three objects, handstand and unicycle. We show that by training on something, leads to really mastering your technique. Stage presence and performance skills are also practiced. Of course, experimenting and playing are never far away!

Circus attics:
The craziest things happen here! Every week there is a new surprise waiting for our circus attic.
Alle circustechnieken komen in de loop van het jaar aan bod en worden op een heel speelse wijze aangeleerd. Er is regelmatig een les opgebouwd rond een verhaal of een actueel thema.