Offer lessons: juggling



For anyone who wants to sharpen his fine motor skills and to venture to juggling with balls, cones, rings, devilstick ... In level 1 you work mainly with the basic three balls and are offered a taste of other juggling techniques. In level 2 hard practice is necessary, you get to try other juggling techniques and improve your level further, to reach level 3, where you work more independently, and can work on your own creation and look for a personal style. Everyone shares tricks. Adults are welcome at all levels. Occasionally, we invite a guest lecturer.


You learn to steer the diabolo in any direction you want, by means of various tricks. This lesson is the perfect meeting place for everyone who caught the diabolo virus. This course has been in existence now for several years and in the meantime we offer 3 levels. You practice in the lesson with your own diabolo.

Adults are welcome!

Baton twirling

Baton twirling is a creative, Athletic discipline. It combines a good skill to baton acts with a great flexibility of the body, dance and acrobatic movements on music.

Twirling has its origin on the Samoan Islands and is developed from a martial arts (the Samurai) with complicated movements made with sticks (batons). Through North America this discipline came to Europe, where it was in very simplified form used in parades. In that form it became a public use that is known with the name ' Cooking '.



A short demonstration of juggling level 1 & 2

That juggle with just about anything and everything at the same time can prove our jugglers in this movie