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Walking on a ball, tight rope walking, walking on a barrel, rola bola, unicycle, stilt walking ... we continue to practice these balancing techniques. Higher and more difficult ... and always less stable! All of these techniques are discussed in detail in our multi classes and you can continue to expand in our specialization classes. There work with age groups from 9 years and starting from 13 years of age.

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Learning to ride a unicycle requires perseverance! We practice together until you can do it on your own. We continue with the advanced practice on technique (stepping on, taking turns, jumping ...) and we attempt to play basketball on unicycle.
Who wants to, After at least a year technique classes can join the basket-les. To the youngest basketball players (-14 years of age) we are asking for a basket – and to combine technical class, because it is necessary to some basic techniques to control smoothly to music.

Technique Level 1: Newbie
Technique Level 2: You can only go, smooth forward drive and turns. You can also surplacen already a bit and/or jump and some steps backward drive.
Technique Level 3: You may already have at least 20 time surplacen and jump, a few meters backwards drive, can go on at least 3 different ways. Lessons in level 3 and higher can only after consultation with a teacher.
Experts: in this lesson, you will practice on different eenwielertricks which we you especially spring tricks such as unispins, but also teach advanced driving techniques. You can wheel walking, jump with your saddle for and band jumping, and you have especially lots of desire to a lot of technique to learn.

basketball level 1: for those who already have at least a year has followed eenwielertechniek.
basketball level 2 with 3: always in consultation with the teacher.


Images of the annual unicycle Convention in Neerpelt