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Acro balancing 2020-2021


Acro balancing family (Nr 12)
In this lesson we want to offer an acrobatic sequel to the Circo Dexterity lessons. Parents come with one or two children 7+ (1 parent per child! 2 children also 2 parents in class) , but otherwise the lesson is built like the 'normal' class Acro Balance. We work on simple balancing act organized by two or three, but we venture even our larger pyramids. A good warm-up and attention to create agility and strength invariably part of this lesson.
In this lesson you write in each participating person (and not as in duo Circo Dexterity).

Acro balancing, adults level 1 (Nr 13) (= Formerly Group Acro 18+)
For adults who want to balance acro discover there is a lesson. No experience required, but you can count on a solid training in a relaxed atmosphere. You do not need a steady partner. We venture to pyramids, but equally well to techniques duo- one triowerk.


Acro balance level 1 (Nr 47)
Here everyone is welcome from 9 years of age.

We have added a new level to that level 2 was too great group, with a diverse level.
Moreover, the flow level was 1 group acro adults to level 2 difficult, because it prompted a steady partner.

Acro balance level 2 (Nr 45)
This is a lesson without a steady partner where youngsters from level 1 can move from group to acrolein and adults. The advantage of this is that those who are 'too big’ be for his kite in a level 1 that this possibly be able again to adults who progress from Group acro.
We practice on simple two-person balancing acts, but we also venture to make high, narrow, leaning and Giant pyramids! Over time, the technique becomes more important and we attempt the more difficult "pile forms", both pyramids and in duo acrobatics. A good warm-up and focus on agility and strength are all part of this class.

Acro balance level 3 (Nr 46)
Only for people who work with (an) permanent partner(s) and who have at least one year of experience in acrobatics.
Here is more work to tailor the duo and the lunge.


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Air- and floor acro

The perfect lesson for anyone who likes to move! It offers a combination of different types of acrobatics. You work from basic exercises in the ground acrobatics like headstand, handstand, cartwheel and trampoline. You learn the basic of the partner acrobatics and builds some pyramids. You learn to feel at ease in the air and work on a few basic exercises on the trapeze. This class works on strength and agility in a playful manner.

This lesson is designed for children from 2nd or 3nd grade and for children 4nd or 5nd grade.

After one to a maximum of two years, we expect the children to move on to the class dynamic acrobatics and / or aerobatics. There is also the possibility to continue in acrobatics balancing.


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The luchtacro courses are not divided into levels, or by age : 10+, 12+, 14+ or 16+. First we focus on the trapeze and we will teach you some basic moves in a creative and playful way. Then we experiment with what is possible is in the air. We mainly continue our work on the trapeze, but also try the areal silks and work on strength and agility. Finally, you can choose whether you want to specialize in trapeze or silks and practice more independently. We will also work on creating moves and on developing a personal style. Chinese mast is also subject to the discipline Luchtacro.


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Dynamic acro

You do not learn backflips overnight. In this class we are working slowly but steadily to back bends, flips and backflips with a variety of simple basic exercises. We also work on head stands and hand stands and other acrobatic postures and movements.

We work by age group : level 1 (starting from 10 years of age), level 2 (starting from 13 years of age – to adult).

Bascule & trampoline (NEW)

A spectacular circus discipline for daredevils who like flying through the air! Technic, timing, collaboration, balance, power, spanning, creativity, sense of responsibility, … All these elements come together perfectly here to provide challenging "tricks" and combinations.

Classes are organized for young people from 13 years what basic skills for koprolletjes- and backward, cartwheel and handstand have mastered. Experience the "bascule" is not needed, We start at the beginning and then build further on, depending on the capabilities of the participants.


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Acro Yoga

Acroyoga is a playful and challenging activity, based on elements such as Yoga, partner acrobatics, martial arts, dance and healing. It promotes your physical and mental capacity, power, balance and contact with each other.

Acroyoga is a playful, but conscious activity, where you can experience the ' childhood ', can push your limits, Learn to work together, communicate and trust.

For yoga lovers can Acro yoga a new form to the yoga philosophy to experience and develop further. For dancers this will help with balance, and creates tension and awareness of where your energy is flowing. Above all it is a fun game and a great way to stretch!

NEW for 2019-2020: Monday night we organize AcroYoga free practice!


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