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Circus in Beweging verschijnt regelmatig in diverse media: geschreven pers, videoreportages, fotoreeksen, …

Rika cord stamp mediaOn 15 December 2015 Stamp Media published an article on circus and insurence. Our coordinator talks about social circus, self confidence, the growth of circus and so much more.

“Stamp Media reporter Samuel Sackey went a week looking for the soul of circus. Along the way she met fascinating people. So she kept o. m. stop at the Leuven circus school: Insurence.”

The full article can be found here:

Insurence gives a lot of private placements and accompanied a lot of circus on remote camps. Each camp is different, but not of each camp we have a beautiful report.

Our circus and acrobatic training in Overijse Ring TV will peek inside and they made a nice report, This find you HERE.

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