2 februari 2019 @ 10:00 – 3 februari 2019 @ 16:00
Freinetschool Appeltuin
Weldadigheidsstraat 74
3000 Leuven
Rika Taeymans
0495 204 304

Aan allen die geïnteresseerd zijn in circus & bewegingsdidactiek, met mensen met een andere structuur, gebruik makend van Universal Design of Learning (UDL) of een nieuwe aanpak in het lesgeven.

For everyone who wants to learn more about circus and movement didactics, with people with alternative structures, using a universal design of learning (UDL) or new accesses for teaching.

The weekend workshop will focus on:

  • Working with an universal design of learning: accesses to and techniques for acrobatics
  • Movement learning with „tools of mind“ à based on metaphorical work according to the IN.ZIRQUE-didactics à exploring the „soul of movements”
  • Introduction in the IN.ZIRQUE-concept of the „7 animals”
  • Introduction into the 5 steps of the IN.ZIRQUE quality circle for movement learning
  • Balance of acrobatic accesses and free movement and dance exercises based on actors methods of MICHAEL CHEKHOV
  • Work with expansion & contraction, the personal imaginary centre, gravity and levity / heaviness and ease


The workshop will be taught in a Tandem;

  • Michael is a circus pedagogue and founder of Circus Sonnenstich (1997). Since more than 20 years he consequently explores movement didactics with the goal “easy learning for everybody”. Since 2005 he works as docent for inclusive circus work. Michael founded with colleagues 2010 the Circus Academy Berlin and worked their many years as co-leader.
  • Katharina is an actress, theatre pedagogue and movement teacher. She is educated in the basic Rosalia Chladek System and the Berlin based Seneca Intensive Movement Programme. She graduated at the Michael Chekhov International Academy and works their as movement teacher. Katharina transformed the Chekhov-methods into a language for free movement and dance. She teaches on the same level artists with alternative cognitive structures and international experienced professional artists.
  • Michael & Katharina: Since 2010 they develop contemporary circus shows with inclusive ensembles, since 2015 with a new focus on inclusive tandems. They built up a strong partnership with the Chamäleon theatre, the Berlin centre of contemporary circus (since 2014). In 2015 they started inclusive pilot projects for inclusive circus arts, workshops and collaborations with Uppsala Cirk (St. Petersburg), Palestinian Circus School and Movement Institutes in Moscow. In the year 2016 they began to organize inclusive circus arts conferences and began to edit inclusive didactic magazines.


  • Professional artists and dancers – interested in circus and movement didactics
  • Circus trainers that work with people with alternative structures
  • Pedagogues with basic body experiences (not necessarily focussed on circus, but with a good feeling for their bodies)
  • Experienced circus trainers that are interested in a universal design of learning (not necessarily focused on inclusive didactics, but interested in new accesses for teaching)

About Michael and Katharinas IN.ZIRQUE-Didactics:

  • IN.ZIRQUE is a holistic movement culture in a subtle balance of pedagogical and artistic aspects. The roots of this culture ground on 20 years of inclusion-orientated movement research. The IN.ZIRQUE culture ist developped and designed with and through a dialogue with more than 100 people, who live with alternative cognitive structures and alternative abilities.
  • IN.ZIRQUE focusses the HUMAN RIGHT of inclusion: Every human being has the right to evolve its social, cultural and artistical potentials. And each learning process follows the lines of an UNIVERSAL DESIGN OF LEARNING – as it is described in the UN-Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
  • IN.ZIRQUE is equally an open process and precisely described concept of action for circus arts and dance. It gives every person the individual tools to get an autonomous expert of movement arts.

Practical info:

  • Sat 2/02, 10h-12h30 & 14h-17h30
  • Sun 3/02, 10h-12h30 & 14h-16h
  • Organisation: Cirkus in Beweging, Rika Taeymans
  • Location: Freinetschool Appeltuin, Weldadigheidstraat 74, BE – 3000 Leuven
  • Workshop fee : €75,00 / weekend
  • Sign in before 28/01: info@cirkusinbeweging.be