18 May 2019 – 20 May 2019 all-day
Lock Park & ​​Chapel Hall

This lesjaar go Presentatiedagen Cirkus in motion byfrom 18 until 20 may. Many classes present on this day in their own way an act. There are many workshops and it is a good time to catch up together cozy. The shows are completely free.

During the presentation of days also depend Participant list from the lessons of school 2019-2020.

The weekend of 18 & 19 may

we are in the sluispark and most groups act. The presentation day flow into the circus festival CIRKL, where many (ex-) Cirkus in Movement talent can be admired.

Monday 20 may

In thechapel hall go on show momentsMonday 20 may, from 18h30 to 20h.

The artists of that evening are expected to 17u45 (unless the teacher says otherwise).
A detailed program will follow.

Cuberdon (Nr 44)
Balance 12 + (Nr 36)
Airacro 10+ (Nr 43)
Airacro 12+ (Nr 45)
Airacro 14+ (Nr 14)
Airacro 16+ (nr38 )
Air- & grondacro 2 (Nr 12)


Circusfestival CIRKL 17-19 may 2019

During this weekend will for the 3rd timeLeuven Circus Festival cirk space.
With professional top-class afternoon and evening.