23 April 2020 @ 00:00 – 30 September 2020 @ 00:15

The corona virus is almost as contagious as the circus virus, but unfortunately the consequences for some people are far worse than those of the circus virus. Most people never recover from a serious infection with the circus virus.

Forecast from September 2020

Our school year starts 14/09. By then the schools are already there 2 weeks and we can therefore respond to how things are going there.
We assume that the lessons for toddlers and primary school children will be able to continue in any case, if necessary in smaller groups, by the children, for example, but every 2 weeks to come.

We will of course monitor this closely and will communicate about changes as soon as possible.
If no classes can take place, of course nothing has to be paid. Or we give a discount if you will be able to take fewer lessons than planned.
In any case, you only have to pay against us 30/09.

I. v. m. the renovations on the Ruelensvest (chapel hall):

The works started in September, but that has been postponed to January 2021. We will be using the alternative locations from the start of our academic year, as stated on the class schedule.
So it was already planned that we would go to new and more locations, met (mostly) smaller groups. Given the circumstances, that works out well.
Only the aerial and aerial lessons- and ground macro will continue in the chapel hall until the Christmas holidays instead of. in the Predikherenkerk.

This postponement of the works has the additional advantage that we now have the chapel hall as a "reserve’ until the Christmas holidays. This way we can deduplicate a number of groups if necessary, through certain lessons 2 locations simultaneously.

Disinfection and hand washing will be part of our daily routine for a long time to come.
Only if there really is no other option, we can go back to online lessons, outside classes or we can ask participants to come only every two weeks (deduplicate groups). We hope, of course, that this will not be necessary.

Catch-up classes in June & free practice in July
31 May was normally our last day of classes and after extensive consultation we kept it that way. Only for groups that have not been able to do anything in the past few months catch-up lessons. Some free practice sessions also continued from June.    

Specifically, it is about:

  • – Acro balancing family, Groepsacro 18+ and AcroYoga (course nos 2, 4, 46 or 47): Monday 8 June 18u-19h30 in the Inner Garden on the Ruelensvest, o.l.v. Michaël Maley
  • Free training Circuit, inside Hal 5, starting from 5 July, on Sunday from 2 pm to 5 pm, for members and non-members. € 5.00 income.  Free training = under the supervision of experienced teachers, but there is no teaching.
  • – Airacro: for experienced aerial acrobats from 18 years of age
    •      – in the chapel hall: free training possible from 13 July, with at least 2 persons
    •      – in Hal 5: free training possible, with at least 2 persons
    •      At least time 1 request a week in advance at info@cirkusinbeweging.be
  • – Free training Juggling, o.l.v. Wout Vanroose: on Wednesday 3, 10, 17, 24 June 17u30-19u in the Paul van Ostaijenpark – everyone brings their own juggling equipment.
  • – the Nicolettes = Majoretten, twirling, replacement lessons, o.l.v. Nicole Calderon, on 8, 15, 22, 29 June, 6 or 13 July, 19u45-21u15, parking JBC.
  • – Percussion & music (The Madammen, Molotov, Overalls, Cuberdon baguette) = replacement lessons
    •      – The Madammen: woe 10, 17 or 24/06 from 7.30 pm to 9 pm in the Seven Steps – max 20 persons at a time. Register via www.mysportsplanner.com
  • – Acro Balance lev 1 or 2 and for Group Acro 18+ (normally on Monday): Handstand outside = replacement lessons, door Hanna & Toon – there is as yet no real partner acrobatics. On Thursday 4, 11, 18 or 25 June, outside to Hal 5 (gather at the back of the Exercise Hall; exit Diestsesteenweg).
    • NIV 1: 18u-19u – Bring over: water, outdoor sports shoes
    • NIV 2: 19in-20u30 – Bring over: water, outdoor sports shoes, yoga mat who has this, handstand tools who has and wants to use it (cannes, cubes)

Our circus year is very mixed up. Here is an overview.

– Almost immediately we started with Circus Corona, in different disciplines, with daily challenges & instructional videos. Our teachers have thrown themselves into the air!

– Our 2 gala voor stellingen, the Easter holiday internships & 2 Family Circus Sundays were canceled. The people who wanted it were refunded.

– We experimented during the Easter holidays (charge) with the first Online Easter internship

– Just about all applications (until August) for birthday parties, workshops, school projects and animations were postponed or (unfortunately) canceled.

– Open Slope, cirk & the presentation days were canceled.

– Also our international youth circus exchange CirkOOH! CirkAAH! got cancelled. As the 100 young people from 6 European countries do not get to us, there is not much to exchange, right. But … CirkOOH! CirkAAH! shall (hopefully) will take place next summer. Keep it started August 2021 so already free!

– On 27/04 we started with real online circus lessons, about the hours they normally went on, grouped by discipline. All parties involved have received emails about this, with a link to the digital chat room. It is different – many are really tired of all online situations – but we do what we can. Many also really enjoy this solution. Fortunately!

– On 6 May the curtain seemed to have fallen over the year 2019-2020. After all, all locations that we rent from the city of Leuven remain closed until 7 June. These are chapel room, Driving school and gym Heverlee. We are therefore in solidarity and will not be teaching in Hal 5, Apple garden or Seven Jump.

– As soon as it was allowed and allowed, and we thought that at the earliest 8 June would be, we did some catch-up lessons, especially for groups where no online offer is possible (eg percussion). It may be faster outside, ever since 18 may??

– Sure enough, on 18 May we could still start with outdoor lessons! What a happy reunion! Still before 2 weeks of normal lessons. Fortunately the weather was nice.

Movie this shows how we deal with the new guidelines for distance and disinfection.

– From February 8 In June, some indoor classes were again possible – see above "catch-up lessons".

– Because we assume that our classes will just start again in September, registrations will continue as usual, since 26/04 can you for 2020-2021.

– The big party Bye Bye Broos will certainly not take place on 1 June. Maybe late September, because apparently the renovations only start in December.

– About the summer vacation internships: Since 3 June we know that our internships may continue, also indoors! Provided some special hygiene- and distance measures. There are still many places. You can still register for these internships.

– As you can read, Cirkus in Beweging does everything possible to offer its members alternative circus lessons. A lot of time and energy has crept into this and therefore money. That is why we chose in principle no refunds to do of the weekly classes that have been canceled. People who get into trouble because of this, can always respond personally to annelies@cirkusinbeweging.be. 10-turn cards remain valid until the turns are used up.

I. v. m. nd classes 2020-2021: we expect classes to start normally in September and we expect – like every year – your payment against 30/09. But, because we don't know if there will still be problems with corona in the fall, we ask you not to pay before 30/09. If there were indeed still problems by then, then we still have time to work out an alternative.