Workshop for special target group

Physical, financial or cultural barriers should be no obstacle to circus to be able to do.

Success experiences are quickly being polite and there is plenty of room for fantasy, fun and game during the workshop. Personal limitations are irrelevant because everyone will find something that he or she is good at, or that he or she finds fun to do. From great little tricks with scarves to clown antics.

We have experience in organizing workshops to children, teenagers and adults with physical and / or mental disability. We have experience in circus for children and teenagers from disadvantaged groups. We already gave cirucsworkshops to inmates, young people with addiction, …

These workshops are often, and there can be varied in duration from workshops, tailored to the target group.

Target group: circus for everyone
Duration: 30 me. to several years

Has you decide to request and wishes you a circus workshop?
Please complete our online application form as completely as possible.

You can find more information about our social functioning HERE.


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