Nursery project

By age has developed a concept with insurence preschoolers creative to get started.
A kindergarten project can be organized through kindergarten, care, Association …

1e nursery class
Play-along circus story

The story is about a boy or a girl that, going out in nature.

Tell the preschoolers while in action with scarves, balls,  diabolos or flowersticks (fine motor skills and eye/hand coordination) and crawl them over, under and through tunnels (gross motor skills). A song is sung and the wolf is enchanted.

Duration: 45 minutes

2e kindergarten
Circomotoriek with large and small

Together with the children of the sixth or fifth grade!

A monkey story where each nursery interacts with his great partner and together the funniest aerobatics invents. Relationship formation and awareness of body are central but fun in the move is of course the main.

Duration: 50 à 60 minutes

3e kindergarten
Circus plays

A lesson with many circus material in the large Gymnasium.

The squirrel tells that there is an empty circus tent found is in the middle of the forest. All the animals of the forest would come to the circus once look. Want to help the children the squirrel and the other animals?

Duration: 1 hours à 1,5 hours

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In addition to workshops, you can also book artists. To obtain all information about this here.


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