Circus project at school


A circus project at school is a fun way to z ’ n all creative to get started! Children of all degrees stuck together with teachers and parents the school roll up your sleeves and turn into a real circus, with as icing on the cake: a private circus show for family and friends.

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Each school is different

Each school has its own character, own ideas, a different approach,… and should be able to save that individuality. Therefore is also every circus project differently and it is so hard to turn a standard paper on. But it is certain that a circus project everyone's creativity does to the surface.

Les-, class,- or school project

For example, a circus project can be limited to physical education classes or to a number of classes. Another school does a total project from which everyone in the circus atmosphere is immersed. So many schools, so many possibilities. Therefore, each project tailored.

Time period

A week, several months or an entire school year? Also the duration differs from project to project. Circus in one intensive week a lot can be achieved, but a tight planning is necessary. A longer circus project digs deeper, There is more time to learn tricks and get more room to open the small artists to flourish.


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