Open circuit

Our circus ring chock full of circus material is waiting for you!

We roll the Red run from, after which everyone can participate and all material can come try. In this workshop you can freely walk in and out. All kinds of circus techniques are discussed and demonstrated by our teachers and taught.

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There is a choice of different formulas of open slopes. Below an overview.


Circus Techniques

Multi circus

Multi Circus combines various circus techniques:
juggling stuff, big balls & tons to walk on, diabolos, Rola bola's, éénwielers…

We place a large red cloth piste open and all items are displayed.


Walk on a tight tightrope,
Steps on a loopbal,
stay balanced on a rola bola,
remain upright on a unicycle,
Walking on stilts


Balls, cones, scarves,
oranges, melons, chain saws…

But diabolos, lassoes, flowersticks, Chinese plates,
Small magic tricks and dexterous manipulations…

Mousses blocks for toddlers

Circus craft with recycled material

Trapeze of Luchtacro *

Circuit *

* only available in convenient locations.


Circus Bakfiets

As a contemporary circus wagon paves our electrically powered tricycle their way through the streets of Leuven.

Packed with all kinds of circus props and controlled by a real circus artist we can hold anywhere halt and a true pop-up circus workshop or circus conjure.

With this unique tricycle we bring the circus ring in an environmentally friendly way to your doorstep!


Giant Zeebellen

Gigantsiche bubbles rise from our colored buckets full of magic sop!

Anyone can try to make the best possible call our special brew. Our skilled sopmengers sure the buckets are never dry and provide tips and tricks along the
bubble art.

Together we fill the air with glistening giant bubbles, which are carried along with the wind dancing or burst on a child's hand.


Building with Bamboo

A lot of bamboo sticks, a box of rubber bands and a good dose of imagination, more you may not need to experience endless fun and the world change around you.

With an ingenious mounting system with rubber bands can be a bamboo forest, the craziest, most majestic structures let rise.

Your own designed circus tent or build a skyscraper!
Or do you prefer a big impressive artwork from the Chinese miracle wood?



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