A circus workshop is a nice extra at your party or party. Who wants to articipate can, those who does not want to participate can enjoy and watch the others. This is a good activity for a birthday party, a communion, a street party, a school party ...

We look forward to working to measure and discuss which formula the best only at your party or party.

Has you decide to request and wishes you a circus workshop?
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Please note: for 2018 you can no parties more requests.

An example of a birthday party-workshop:

The children get during 2 hour workshop where they know all kinds of cool circus techniques. After that, there is provided a half-hour interval in which there is time toyour own cake and drinks to be consumed with additional gifts. Then there is still half an hour with which the children can practice what they like best found. As the year old valve may still choose a present of the circus school (3 juggling balls, a Chinese sign or a flip & Flyer).

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In addition to workshops, you can also book artists. To obtain all information about this here.


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