Educational workshop

Educational workshop

During an educational workshop is a fixed group worked, for a certain time in advance. You can choose to work with one circus technique, during the whole workshop. Or there may be a combination of several techniques are available which is being conducted with a sliding.

This workshop can be organized once, or as series.
There can be worked to a representation of the learned techniques for family, friends, other pupils.

Below is an overview of the various techniques that addressed.

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Multi circus

We combine all kinds of circus circus at multi techniques: juggling stuff, big balls and barrels to walk on, diabolos, Rola bola's, unicycles, …

Circo motor skills

Toddlers play together with a parent or older child. We lay together fun and do acrobatics-skiing-circusparcourtjes.

Arts and Crafts circus

With 'waste' we bring along, we will make colorful circus items. After a creative arts and crafts session we wil enjoy playing with the new circus items.

Blocks toddlers

30 large foam blocks and pads, more preschoolers have not needed to have fun. We build and play together until we can no longer.


Climbing, jumping, walk, flips, combined with your own creativity. A theorem on skirting boards or you can do a short time very crazy things.


Intense workshop about ritme en percussion. We will teach some basic rhythms and at the end of the class you will play together as a real percussion band.


Our magician takes you to the magical world full of tricks. He will reveal some of his biggest secrets and will teach you the tricks of the trade.


Walk on a tight tightrope, stepping on a walking bal, keeping your balance on a rola bola, remaining upright on your unicycle, walk on stilts ...


Acrobatics in a circus workshop means working together. We make small and large pyramids and go yourself creative with simple basic postures.


Balls, cones, scarves, oranges, melons, chain saws ... But also diabolos, lassoes, flowersticks, Chinese plates, ...

Circus theater

Through basic exercises from theater & Clowning, we discover the clown. An exciting workshop where we ignore all rules to our, in full play and experiment.

Chinese mast

A large non-slip black mast to climb to high in, from to tumble, to linger as a monkey, ... Everyone is there particularly fast get away.

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