After the success of DYNE's first performance, the acrobats, led by Hanna Mampuys, set to work on a new production. Acrobatics, raw authenticity and a large group on stage remain the ingredients for the new performance with the working title "Equi".

who (working title)

Ten young acrobats hit the slopes. Are they here to entertain us? Or do they have fun repeating their rounds endlessly, their tricks, their powerhouse? Like horses in the circus arena, so these acrobats toil for the attention of their audience. They are only as free as the track circle allows them, round, without beginning and without end. Equi is about the fine line between entertainment and show-off. About the pleasure of physical labor. About young acrobatic enthusiasm that never ends.

Director: Hanna Mampuys
Performers: Tim Dewit, Casper Vidyasagar, Willem Rys, Frauke Govaerts, Isaura Darko, Xanthe Van der Jeught, Marie Scheers, Esther Vandenbergh, Silke Rys, Masha houbrechts.
Music: Patricia Padilla
Show Venkatasubramanian



Music concept: percussion / drums. Possibility to have the music performed live during the performance (+ €200)

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Practical information:

that. 30 minutes.

For young and old (6+)


8m at 8m, audience completely around it
Substrate: flat and solid: preferably grass (other surface in consultation )
Building: sawdust piste (attention remains between two performances)
Outdoor performance, can be brought indoors in consultation.
catering 12 persons (5 vegetarians)
Music systems with MP3 connectivity
Lockable locker room (running water and mirror)

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