In DYNE take eleven acrobats up against each other, themselves and gravity. They bring a raw acrobatic choreography, just on the pavement. The performance is about power, cooperation and trust. The diverse group, acrobat, each has its own strengths and weaknesses, they complement each other and lift the group (literally) to a higher level.

For this performance we are looking for an urban location: industrial area, a square or a piece of street. A hangar or other indoor space of sufficient height (min 6m) is also an option. We are happy to advance take a look to see if the location is suitable.

Direction / choreography: Hanna Mampuys
on stage: Baraka Ngala, Lena Nackaerts, Silke Rys, Cédric Urbanski, Kabaka Bin David, Isaura Denorre, Xanthe van der Jeught, Jonas Jain, Henry Sagar, Frauke Govaerts, Sebastian Vega, Renee Davidson.
Photos: Show Venkatasubramanian

A collaboration with cirk (new circus festival in Leuven).

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Practical information:

that. 30 minutes.

For young and old (6+)

Minimum 9x9m (in camera)
flat surface (concrete, vowels)
no grass, uneven stones or slope
catering 12 persons (7 vegetarians)
Music systems with MP3 connectivity
Lockable locker room (running water and mirror)

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