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Zigzagigzag has, After Kanibalen, a new show worked out under guidance of Hanna Mampuys. ‘ who is the?’ is about being yourself despite social expectations. It's about the little things that make each of us unique.

Zigzag brings an experimental circus show where also theatre and movement get an important place. 12 folding chairs are the sets and the starting point from which the images created. The result is a show that appeals to the imagination without explaining, a dance and ‘ of the stage spontaneous combustion’ Ode to the diversity.

To all the beautiful songs come to an end … With this we also announce the Dernière to our production group Zigzag. From February 5 October you can order tickets for this show. The program consists of acts from old performances of ZigZag, followed by "Who is it?’.

  • When? Saturday 12 November 2016 from 20 h to 22 h
  • Where? CC De Borre in bierbeek (Playground Street 10)
  • Price? € 10.00 (to 12 year is € 6.00)
  • Tickets? via


ZigZag who is 1
ZigZag who is 2
ZigZag who is 3
ZigZag who is 4

Photos: Show Venkatasubramanian


– International Youth Circus Festival: Bremen (The), 2012
– StraPaZen: Ternat, 2013
– Theater aan Zee: Oostende, 2013
– Theater op de Markt: Neepelt, 2013 & 2015
– Toekoer festival: Hasselt, 2014
– Circus & and Co: Leuven, 2015

Technical info:

– Duration: 45′
– Public: 4 until 104 years of age
– Indoor or outdoor: as little as possible background noise
– Artists: 17 young people (17j-20j) & 2 escorts


Info & Booking: