Tupolev banner


The lost fanfare of sticks and stakes
Ambulatory music theatre? A mobile acoustic soundscape? The characters of Tupolev suddenly appear from remote places and long gone on diving.

With undulating movements courses they way through the public. Bolivian call rattling over the ground, pots and pans are brought to sound, Chinese opera gongs and homemade drums arrive. Of imminent slow to exciting and intense, Cheryl Liar meets Tom waits, Dark, absurd and groovy.

Tupolev is an attractive circus- and music spectacle with high waders and a bunch of inimitable percussionists.


Musicians: Patricia Padilla, Carolina Terrones, Heikki Vander linden and Jo Zanders
Waders: Abbas Faber, Tuur Salehi and Laura Van Bouchout Music Jo Zanders
Costumes: Abbas Faber
Production: Cirkus in Beweging
With the support of: the Flemish community