Circus show: Charleston
1920: a large ship full of industrious sailors goes to sea. A handsome captain, a bunch of crazy women in love and a bunch of guys have a lot of adventures during their journey.

Step on board and enjoy serious juggling tricks, drunk acrobatic performances for coctail parties and spectacular stunts in high masts, tight ropes and loose sailing.

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Players: William Abrams, Gert-Jan Abrams, Sharon De Jong, Bram De Jong, Bram Van Poucke, Hannah Rae, Wannes Van Deursen Jolien Stuyven, Gil Van Zyl, Arne Van Zyl, Hanne Hale, Driss Boucif, Freek Op 't Roodt, Isaura Darko, Kathleen Said, Leen Bahr, Lisa Lam, Simon Davidson, Simon Van der Cruysse, Tine Canlas, Marte Lang, NIC T and Yolaine Dooms Coach Tuur Salehi, Laura Van Bouchout and Fred Versonnen