Piquetiquet is working on their second performance.

About the performance: A group on the way. With each step they let the past further behind itself. In a physical circustheatre performance takes Piquet you on their trip. Juggling with food cans, acrobatics with the ‘ Vaidya’ in the hand. Poetic images and penalty circus technique go hand in hand in this show.

Creation and game: Joan Jahn, Loes Van Acker, Stan Viveros, Sara Rachel, Lenka Saleem, Delia Davila, Gijs Jacobs, Henry Sagar, Casper Vidyasagar, Willem Herbots, Bradford Galloway, Ruben Forger Balogun and Nathan Forger Balogun

Guidance: Show venkatasubramanian and Stijn Bangs

Photo: Wim De Baets

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