The Winged Horsemen


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10 riders on bird figures on stilts, are the winged horsemen. This youth group was formed in 2012 as an initiative of Cirkus In Motion in collaboration with youth Fabota.

They already performed for the Fortis Foundation, Museum M Leuven and ..;

In 2014 they are working on a scene from "Dreams of Papageno" a musical story on stilts with 4 musicians and 2 big stilt walkers. "Dreams from Papageno was created at the request of 3 cultural centers in Flemish Brabant for the Pepernoot festival.

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– Circus and Co: Leuven, 2013
– Pepernoot festival 2014: Dilbeek, Grimbergen and Diest

Technical info:

– Walking act of 20 until 45 minutes
– Parade or animation
– 10 young people on stilts and 2 escorts
– Flat, dry surface


Info & Booking: