Dreams of Papageno


Piquetapageno, the bird-catcher from ‘ the magic flute’ by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, is a real faith. All day long he hunts birds and demands he aloud to behind the girl of his dreams. But what do his dreams look like? Insurence works an imaginative parade with birds on stilts, Aria of Mozart and ’ s… Papageno itself of course.

Insurence works for years together with child functioning Fabota from Leuven, an organization that neighborhood focused around poverty and social exclusion works. This new production gives the children of Fabota the chance to act for peers, together with adult waders of insurence and some talented pupils of the municipal Music Academy.

Arranger Tom Padia edited the music of Mozart for street keyboards. Jonas Villagomez and Rika T are responsible for the Visual effects and the guidance of the young artists.

This project Papageno was elaborated by order of 3 cultural centers in Flemish Brabant for the Pepernoot festival.


winged horsemen 3
winged horsemen 4
winged horsemen 2
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