The Proud Margriet


Fiere margriet banner


A medieval miracle play in a circus jacket
"Worn by fishing floats them in a Crown of light upstream through the Dijle Leuven within", So ends the medieval miracle story about the Fiere Margriet.

Almost 800 years later unravels the mystery behind this wondrous event insurence. In a dynamic circus spectacle about money, revenge and the true love, discovered the public how an acrobatic Gypsy Fiere Margriet de binnendraagt city walls.

The proud Margriet is a circus show with jonglery, acrobatics, humor, fire and live music.

Players: Mathilde Renson, Viktor Renson, Antonio Terrones, Jonas Villagomez, Tuur Salehi and Fred Versonnen Musicians Goedele Moons, Patricia Padilla, Darwin talisa and Heikki VJ Malik Sahib Rework and text Director Fred Versonnen Music Patricia Padilla Costumes Artichoque Production insurence co-production city of Leuven