The Ensorfanfare


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In a sketch book of James Ensor, we found a drawing of a group of musicians with very long legs. The marching band is led by a military figure with a sabre. On this basis, a fanfare worked out on stilts, supplemented by well-known figures from the paintings of Ensor.

This production with music, costumes, waders and circus Theatre, is a homage to James Ensor.



For this project, we work together with specialists from different fields:

Composer Patricia Padilla edited the music of Ensor and were looking for the musicians
Cirkus in Beweging learned these musicians stilts walking
Circus Narrator Fred Versonnen (also teacher at Cirkus in Beweging) provides the circustheatrale input
The unique costumes for brass band and circus performers were designed by the regular costumer Cirkus in Motion, Karlon Fonteyn
The masks were made by Brigitte Van Heerden


In addition to the 12 musicians images 7 actors from our circus school the well-known Carnival figures of Ensor's paintings. In the late 19th-century spirit of James Ensor, we want to hold a mirror to the people through various characters :

The Upstart: a rich miser who feel untouchable
just as his wife, La Madame
The innocent child unsuspectingly gambols around
There are also the clowns that having fun, and all kinds of circus arts (juggling, acrobatics) RIP it out. The Clowns let the people laugh, they bring entertainment, but at the same time they keep those same people a mirror for their own lives
Also The Death wanders around in the whole. This is always present, Although the upstart and the madame that they can escape. Even the child does not escape the death
Everything is closely monitored by The Devil that at the sight of these scenes quietly in his hands rubs
There also wanders a Unemployed Angel around that slowly seems to fade into nothing.


Photos of the Ensorfanfare:

CIRCUSBRUUL and performances on College square, the speed, the city park
New pictures of ENSORFANFARE at Leuven in scene !!