Artishock is a group of young circus performers who play the roof in their performance Roof-à-Danse.

Circus show: Roof-à-Danse
On top of the roof of a towering apartment block was unsuspecting white flies. Everything seems quiet. door to the stairs back into the lock falls. The start of a dazzling show with acrobatic score stone sweepers, eenwielerende tango dancers, young learner pigeon fanciers and other smart circus people.


artishok 1
artishok 2
artishok 3


Players: Koen Babe, Tom Babe, Lina Cambel, Linda Campbell, Sanne De Cooman, Shahul Hameed, Kavitha Jacob, Rosemary Jacobs, Martha Jafar, Emma Boilers, Liene Madden, Mathilde Renson, Viktor Renson, Pamela Van Damme and Ilias of Peer Guidance Jan Babu and Jonas Villagomez Costumes Artishock Decor Artishock and Chris Rac Production Cirkus in motion with the support of Flemish Centre for Circus Arts

Links: Artishock on Picasa