Cirkus in Beweging

from Leuven presents a versatile program of circus, circus art, movement and percussion keeps.

Insurence gives circus classes and lessons

In our weekly classes circuses weekly more than a thousand preschoolers, children, young people and adults.
Different circus techniques are covered in the lessons multi circus, Circus loft and circus training. The lessons circomotoriek focus on a playful way on the relationship between kindergarten and older and learn new things. In addition, there are many specialization classes: Parkour, percussion, Air-ground acrobatics, juggling, balance, Acro-balancing, Circus theater, unicycle, Diabolo, ... and there is room for experiment in ' production group ' and the 'Circuslab’.
We also provide holiday action or training for circomotoriek – and circus escorts to.
For several years, there is also a real on the Redingenhof in Leuven circus high school. Many students studying afterwards to circus colleges at home and abroad and be real circus performers or teachers.

Insurence gives workshops and circus workshops

We bring to you in the form of a circus Workshop on sports days, Street parties, team building, company parties, training days, birthday parties, …
Insurence annually gives such a 350 workshops for individuals, schools, youth services, associations, companies, …

Insurence artistic works

We create and support circus productions, performances, projects and animations with young people as well as adults.
In addition to our regular productions and animations we also work for large and small projects.


In our lessons, workshops & within our artistic offer also comes Parkour (or freerunning) largely because exercise is important!


Percussion has always been strongly present at Cirkus in Beweging. The rousing rhythms and creativity are not more los.

Social circus

Circus is for everyone. Therefore, we try to involve everyone in our operation and circus to offer to various target groups.


Our teachers schools themselves continuously via an extensive international network.
Insurence will also receive EVS'ers and organize international Youth circus festivals.

Cirkus in Beweging